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How do I support my new fencer?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

That's a simple one. Initially, just bring them to club nights. Although we realise that with all the other demands on their / your time, it may not be as simple as it sounds. As they take to fencing and get to a level where they may want to compete then additional support will be required.

Many children find they want to start competing between the ages of 10 and 13. At this point

we would recommend that they have their own kit to use, although you may want to build up selected pieces of kit before then - and we will certainly be happy to lend kit to get you going. We will also be able to give you lots of useful advice.

For a first year competitor, the tournaments may be within fairly close driving distance, most likely in the East Midlands Beginners or Yorkshire Youth Series events or a Leon Paul Junior Series competition held locally. After that, the travelling is further afield as part of the Leon Paul Junior Series or Youth Series competitions. Note that a British Fencing 'Compete' Membership would be required to entering any competition.

These will obviously bring increased commitments both in time and costs. But for any sport, if your child is competing at these levels, the commitments are similar.

As your child gets more committed to competing, we would also suggest that you and your child speak to one of the coaches about more dedicated 1-1 lessons and how to increase sparring through links with other clubs within East Midlands and Yorkshire.

Again, talk to your child's coach or other parents about options to manage competitions. There's always someone who's been there before you and may have good experience and suggestions to make things easier.


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