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Is Fencing a safe sport?

This is a key question we get from most parents who see a sport that puts a weapon in the hands of their child (and adults who want to fence) and we want to assure you that fencing is an extremely safe sport.

To be clear, the weapons do not have sharp tips. The modern sport uses electric equipment and the foil and epee use buttons to make connections through wires connected to scoring boxes that use lights to indicate hits.

Everyone uses regulated kit including mask, jacket, glove and chest guard (this last being obligatory for older girls and women and optional for younger girls and for boys) .

There is also evidence that fencing is safe - a study made of injuries at the 2008 Olympic Games showed that there were fewer in fencing than, for example, Table Tennis . In fact, fencing had one of the lowest rates of injury in the Summer games with only 5 sports showing lower rates, (diving , synchro swimming, rowing, canoeing and sailing).

Hopefully, this will reassure you but please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss this aspect further.


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