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How does Fernwood support a new fencer?

We will normally take children who are aged 7 and above. At this age, your child is more likely to have the ability to pay attention and focus on what we can teach them and get more from the club. We also welcome young people and adults (at any age) at our senior sessions.

Initially, we give a new fencer an introduction to the club and go over the basics either in a 1-1 lesson with a coach or as part of a group depending on numbers. The coach will talk about the different weapons, the clothing and how to be safe before moving on to the basics of footwork, blade-work and some simple tactics.

We realise that everyone wants to get on and have a fight on the first night, so we aim to have new fencers in kit and standing against an opponent as part of their first experience of the club. So remember to bring a camera!

As coaches, we realise the importance of our input to the fencing programme and life in the club. We provide the knowledge and seek to develop a logical progression of skills for you or your child. We need to be aware of how a fencer moves and reacts so we instil the good habits we want rather than issues that may make it difficult to progress or need time to correct later in their fencing journey. But we also want to take the time to establish a good rapport with both our younger and older club members and try to instil a growing interest and enthusiasm for the sport.

Essentially we'll try to balance the instruction and fun elements in the right measures for the individual.


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